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For 2c/ often do you shampoo and clarify?
2B/3A, curly waves just past my armpits
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    If you're on a strict CG routine you shouldn't ever need to shampoo! How often you "no-poo" really depends on how your hair feels. You can do baking soda "washes" but i'm not convinced about these... i think its a bit abrasive to be using on your hair personally. I went for about a year on strict CG and probably did a baking soda rinse once or twice over the year. I should warn you though your scalp may need a bit of time to adjust!!
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    HG's - Body Shop Honey shampoo & conditioner and Shea Moisture leave-in condish which gives me lovely frizz-free bouncy curls. My PJ is calling me to experiment with gels again... argh!
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    I shampoo every other day with a gentle shampoo, but I am not following the CG routine. If you are, you shouldn't really need to shampoo.
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    Edited due to a cyberstalker. Sorry, guys. :(

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