oils/glycerin in Avalon shampoo? build up?

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I just started CG and figured out pretty early on that the length of my hair isn't as damaged as I thought it might be. I'm only using the B2B Pom conditioner about every other time I was my hair, and I co-wash daily with Kiwi Lime (which I might switch to TJ Nourish since it seems to be pretty heavy on my hair, or maybe it's just because my hair is still in the oily stages?) I can do without conditioner when I don't use B2B, and make sure to wash out everything.

So I used Avalon Nourishing shampoo once already and since I feel like maybe my scalp/hair is getting some build up I was wondering if any of the other ingredients in the shampoo are contributing. This is a cocamidopropyl betaine shampoo, but does have oils and vegetable glycerin in the ingredients. Or can it be that I'm just overconditioned and my scalp is simply producing too much oil as a result of recently getting rid of sulfates? For the record, I did clarify with sulfates before CG.

I keep eyeing my sister's Sauve shampoo when I shower... So far I haven't caved in... :oops:
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    From what I've read on here, the excess oil production could just be your scalps reaction to the frequent shampooing pre-CG. As your scalp adjusts to the routine, it should start producing less oil.
    Also, a lot of people have found B2B to be overconditioning. I had to stop using it in the warmer weather.
    Also, have you looked at your styling products? That could be the cause of your buildup.
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    The oils in the shampoo are moisturizing, but should not build up (unless it's mineral oil, that's a bad one). My theory is either A) You had previous build up if you used a LOT of cones before CG, B) Your scalp has not adjusted yet, or C) You missed something in one of your other products. I'm guesing it's one of the last two. Give it some time to see how you do (most people need at least 2 weeks and sometimes up to 6 to adjust). Also, check your styling product ingredients. One ingredient new CG'ers often miss is cylcopentasiloxane (and other -xane's), which is actually a really bad silicone. Make sure you didn't get a sneaky cone in one of your products, and hang in there! :)
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    Thanks for your help. Seeing as those are the things that could be going wrong, hopefully it's just my scalp adjusting. I'm using the stuff in my signature, and none of it has cones (or even h20-soluble cones). I wasn't using too many cones before CG, and I was using Suave shampoo every day. I also didn't use cones up to 3 days prior to starting CG, just Suave, so I figured the build-up couldn't have been too bad.

    I have also stopped using the B2B conditioner every day. I find that my hair isn't really as damaged/dry as I thought it was, so just about every third time I co-wash.

    I'll hang in there! Thankfully, my scalp hasn't felt itchy. :D
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    *1x a week shampoo: Avalon Organics Nourishing
    *Co-wash: V05 Kiwi Lime
    *Conditioner:: B2B Pomegranate
    *Styling: mix together Herbal Essences Body Envy/ Curlfriends Gel

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