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Maybelline has a new foundation out - it looks like a dessert mousse in the jar, but when you put it on, it dries to a powder finish. if you can wear one of these shades, do give it a try.

Revlon has a new concealer out that has two shades in each container. i don't know that there's enough contrast in these shades to have one as your undereye concealer and one for around your nose, but with all the variety in skin tones out there, this is bound to suit someone - maybe it's you!

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    I've been wanting to try the Maybelline but alas I don't think the colors are going to work. Might try it from Walgreen's so I can return it but my skin tone seems just about impossible to match in foundation. I tried the Clinique counter last week and I think the MA tried every foundation they make in more shades than I can count and nothing looked good. Sigh. I guess i better keep taking good care of my skin.
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    Have you tried Loreal's Tru Match? I think there are quite a few colors so one might work. I use Lancome Color ID (probably the same thing as Tru Match since they're made by the same company) and the color matches perfectly because they make something like 40 shades. I like Color ID alot, but since you were poking around the Clinique counter, it might be too pricy for you.

    My skin is also difficult to match because I have yellow undertones and pink overtones. Trying to match the yellow or pink ends up in disaster, but then not all neutrals work either :x . When I go for drugstore brands, I do better with tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundations.
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