Healthy butter/alternative?

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I'm doin a school project on making a healthy cake and I've gotta alter or find alternatives to basically the sugar and the butter. For the sugar I've found loads of natural sweeteners but I can't find alot of information on any butter type things, I found a little bit about coconut butter and a mention of using shea butter in cooking but I dunno alot about this so does anyone know any healthy options that could be used or any advice?

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    Hope I'm not too late! In some recipes, you can substitute applesauce for some of the butter or fat. And here's the link to a website that has lots of healthy baking tips and cheats.


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  • BobbinBobbin Posts: 22Registered Users
    No it's not too late at all (im actually late at doin it)
    thanks alot! that sites really helpful :)
    Wavy curls - 2C/3Aish
    Most textures
    Thick frizzy and fragile

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