EasyStraight - 3 Month Straightener

GoldenGolden Registered Users Posts: 3
Has anyone tried this product?


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    Yes. It ravaged my hair and didn't straight it one bit. YMMV, I've had good results with other straighteners but not this one. It is extremely drying and damaging.
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    i used this product a couple of times. (just for clarification, i didn't buy it, but i went to the person who invented it in NYC, Haime Munoz, and had him do it. it's much more expensive that way - and he says it's the same product and process. i had it done before it was sold in stores.)
    i loved it, have a friend who has bought and used it a number of times - and have seen quite a few people who ahve had it done at Haime's salon, and i think it's really good.
    my hair was soft, straight and shiny and very easy to handle- the one complication is that to get it straight you have to blow it dry. i found that it took a fraction of the time it would normally take to do that - like about 10 minutes - and if i left it curly my hair was much calmer and less bushy than normal. it also didn't frizz in humid weather after i blew it dry.
    i recommend it highly - assuming you follow the directions exactly and don't leave it in too long.
    i did it two or three times (i'm embarrassed to say i can't remember which) - and i bought it a while ago, but haven't used it because i'm really tired of blow-drying so i've been wearing my hair curly and thinking about going permanently straight. (i'm pretty sure you can't do TR after you've done this - but don't take my word for that).
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    What's in it?
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  • MaxMax Registered Users Posts: 125
    i'm sorry, but i don't know.

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