Where do i buy cocunut milk?

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Hey guys

where is the best place to buy cocunut milk? i found cans of it at albetsons but it has other ingredients besides the milk.
OH! and for recipes with olive oil. can it be the oil you use in food? sorry i feel so cluless :oops:


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    for the coconut milk, do you have any kind of health food store where you live? they should have one that is more pure. by the way, practically all canned coconut milks will have something called guar gum in them, which is fine, it's like a thickener/preservative that is natural... i think, lol.

    and for olive oil, yep you can use the cooking kind! that's what i use. but one that's not as expensive, since it's in your hair and not your food.
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    If there is an Indian, Caribbean or Hispanic/Latino store near you they probably have coconut milk. Or a Whole Foods or other health food market (where I buy mine).

    Slight guano -- I stopped at a roadside stand in Vieques and drank fresh Ice cold coconut water right out of the coconut -- soo good!
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