Can one go CG with color-treated hair?

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CG intrigues me, although I'm a little apprehensive about doing this on color-treated hair. Normally, I only shampoo and condition once every 5-7 days anyway, with no conditioner-only washes or even rinses in between shampoos. So, would it be damaging for my color-treated hair to go CG? I have mixed-texture, 2C-3A hair that just clears my shoulders(am growing it).
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    I do CG and color. The color looks even better and lasts longer. The only thing that I do that is considered modified CG is use [buylink=]Devacurl Low Poo[/buylink] or [buylink=]Jessicurl HCC[/buylink] maybe every 4-6 weeks, if I am in the mood for lather. Otherwise, it CW all the way! :)
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    I've had my hair colored for years to cover the gray. I get the roots touched up with semi-permanent color every six weeks at a salon. I've been CG for two months now and have found that my hair and scalp are less dry and my hair has more natural curl. The color isn't fading any faster than usual - it might even be keeping the color a bit better. Since you are only washing once a week anyways, the CG routine should fit right in. You should consider switching to a shampoo that doesn't have sulfates and to a conditioner that doesn't have silicones.

    Most of us that are CG have to rewet our hair every day and reapply conditioner and gel since sleeping messes up the curl, but some are able to go 2 or 3 days without getting their hair totally wet again. I encourage you to give the CG method a try for 6 weeks and see how your hair responds. You might be surprised at how curly and healthy your hair becomes!
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    I read that those who color should avoid glycerin in their products for the first few weeks.
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