My mom hates my CG look



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    My mom threatened to cut my hair off one summer when I was a teenager and didn't comb it for like a month. But she didn't. She just said "NEXT TIME." I didn't give her a next time. I had an Afro from the age of 12 to about 20, because the hormones hit. I have a chubby face and I looked like a damn tootsie pop all through high school. Her hair is wavy-curly in spots but she is low-maintenance, like, if she wants it to look nice she blows it out, no product but conditioner. I have straightened it for the last year. I got sick of wethead and going through 3 bottles of conditioner a month and products that didn't work. She has been pretty supportive of whatever I do to my hair. Even when I dyed it black, cut it into a pixie(I think that's what it's called), and put electric blue stripes in it. :)
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    First post here...

    My mom is a long haired and just a little bit of a wave. When I was younger my haired looked like Shirley Temple's and my parents nicknamed me Curley Temple. My mom refused to cut my hair short as a child but she wouldn't let me wear it down because she hated to style it and really didn't know how.

    As my hair grew longer and as I got older my curl wasn't there as much and my mom loved it so she took me to get it permed when I was about 12.

    To this day she loves my hair wavy and long.
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    Ahhh, I can sympathize with each and everyone of you. :(

    Well, ya *do* remember in the "Curly Girl" book where Lorraine says that moms don't like it because they think it's "too sexual" and don't want to see that in their daughters? =P Well, whatever, mom!! :lol: No *wonder* all our boyfriends seem to like it so much, eh? :wink:

    When I went back to CG (during my first year of college; it was WAY too much to keep up with having to re-straighten it everyday after the shower) and came back home for vacation... holy moley, my mom freaked out. "What did you do to your hair??!:shock:"
    "Uhm... nothing actually. :P " At first I kept the curly look because it was much easier and faster to deal with, but now I can't even *think* to going back to straighters!! Gah! I'm *still* trying to be rid of the damage it did to my hair! :x And, my mom STILL asks if I want another 'relaxer' (now, one year later). Just... Say... No! 8)

    I don't get it, though. My mom *used* to be a curly girl--even sported the afro thing in the 70's! :o But ever since having me and my sisters, she gave up on her hair and resorted to straighteners... :? Now her hair is about half the length it used to be! :roll: Poor curls waiting to be released from their chemical prison...! But, now I think she's 'getting used to' my curls a little more (well, at least, I don't hear her complain about it as much, lol). :D
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    My mom is a long-hair mom (even though hers is short herself)... I had butt-length hair up until about tenth grade... which was fine, as it was straight! But then it started to turn into wavy curls... and of course I was still brushing it because I didn't know any better (and neither did my mom.... I come from a family of straighties and have no idea where my brother and I got our curly hair).

    So I kept cutting it off about six inches at a time, and every time I came back from getting it cut, she would look like she wanted to cry. Now it's about bra-strap length, and she likes it. She's never really had any problem with the curls, except she doesn't understand why I stress about my hair so much, lol. But now that I'm planning on cutting off 10 inches and donating it (as soon as it's long enough) she is mad again. She refuses to talk about it or look at the pictures of how I want it when it's short.

    *sigh* Moms..... :wink:
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    I don't do CG, but I have not brushed my hair in more than ten years. I never never brush it. I think brushing is bad for curly hair, personally; if my mom hadn't been brushing my hair the whole time I was growing up it would have been in a lot better shape.

    I do have to comb through it with my hands once a wek or so, or it will dred up. And when it was long, i used a big-toothed comb about once a week, to detangle. But curlies, imo, never need to BRUSH their hair.

    I have a mom who delights in making nasty comments about my appearance. She seldom does it these days, though, because years ago I just started pointing out to her that I had not asked for her opinion, and that my choices weren't up to her.

    It's your hair- do what YOU like best. It's none of her business, and you can politely tell her so.
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    oh my god, its so strange, what is it with parents and the chin length bob? As I just posed in another topic, my dad is constantly offering to PAY for me to get my long, dark 3B hair cut, straightened and bleached into a blonde bob, because it will make me look A LOT PRETTIER! argh. I dont nag him to get spray on hair for his bald patch.
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    I don't do CG, but I have not brushed my hair in more than ten years. I never never brush it. I think brushing is bad for curly hair, personally; if my mom hadn't been brushing my hair the whole time I was growing up it would have been in a lot better shape.

    I do have to comb through it with my hands once a wek or so, or it will dred up. And when it was long, i used a big-toothed comb about once a week, to detangle. But curlies, imo, never need to BRUSH their hair.

    I have a mom who delights in making nasty comments about my appearance. She seldom does it these days, though, because years ago I just started pointing out to her that I had not asked for her opinion, and that my choices weren't up to her.

    It's your hair- do what YOU like best. It's none of her business, and you can politely tell her so.

    The only time I brush my hair is when I put it into a ponytail and I dont brush the whole hair, I just brush the top part of the hair because otherwise the top part of my hair will just be curly bumps. Is brushing just that part bad to? The rest of my hair I don't burush at all. I just use a comb everyday to detangle it.
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    my mother - a straightie - used to always boast that she prayed and hoped for a girl with long curly hair. she hated the fact that i was "wasting" my curls by hiding it in a slicked back bun for most of high school while she spent every few months since her twenties perming it.

    she's thrilled to bits that i've finally embraced my curls (and jealous as heck!).
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    I went to college, and then learned I had curly hair. My whole life, I thought it was straight, sort of. No, I actually just thought it was horrible, unruly and out to make my life miserable.
    I always wore my hair very long as a kid, and my mom would rake it out every morning, and then put it into braids, so that it would behave. Sort of. In all of my childhood pictures, I always had a layer of fuzz around my head.
    My mother just told me that I was lucky to have "fluffy hair". My hair rarely escaped from the bondage of braids. On the few occasions that I would sleep on wet hair, or when it would get wet from playing in the snow, it would break free, and curl like crazy.
    During middle school, it only got worse; my hair got thicker and more out of control. As a result, I hated myself, I had no friends, blah blah blah.

    I discovered I had curly hair when I went out to college, where it could be free, away from the influence, and combs of my mother. I was the happiest that I had ever been in my life! I got compliments about my hair, and I had self esteem!

    I went home for Christmas. As soon as I got off the plane, my mother immediate grabbed a fistful of my hair and made some comment like "Oh, your hair!". She hated it. She kept nagging me, " I want to play with your hair". Meaning, she wanted to comb it out. I gave in eventually, she spent a good half hour raking out my hair, and then told me that I had to shampoo, or else. What "or else" meant, I never knew.

    After my post-Christmas disaster, I came back to my previously curly life.

    The most ironic thing is that my mom would have really curly hair, if she quit trying to make her hair be straight too. Such is life! :wink:
    Anywhere from 2c to 3a/b; I have no idea. EEE! I need to put up more pictures! I have 20 million, and they just need scanning....

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    ivmeer wrote:
    Honey, I know how you feel! My mom chopped all my hair off when I was 8, and even though I started to grow it back out when I was 11, I still feel like people think I'm a boy all the time. I'm 28 years old, have long hair and a 34DD chest, and I'm still convinced in the back of my mind that people are mistaking me for a boy.

    OMG! Same here. My mom cut off all of my hair when I was about 5, and kept it short all through elementary school. Her hair went curly after she had her gall bladder out (the anesthesia did it), and she had no clue what to do with it, so she cut it all off and has had it boy short ever since. She didn't know what to do with mine either, obviously. I was constantly mistaken for a boy, and didn't feel attractive until I grew my curly hair long in college. I still get concerned that, if I were to cut my hair off, that people would think I was a boy. I made that comment to a friend once. She took one look at my 38DD chest and said, "Yeah, whatever!" :)
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    don't feel parents tell me I look like a sheep with my hair curly
    other ppl like my's long and curly I don't look like a sheep :(

    carry ur hair looks sooo good in that pic
    Was 3b then I did a soft relaxer and I think I'm now a 3a
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    My Mom was always supportive of my curly hair, I guess since she has curly hair herself. When I started the CG routine in August of 2002, she did it with me. We even went to Devachan together to get our 1st curly girl cut. It makes me sad to see mom's that are negative towards their own hair and their daughters hair. When I try a product and it doesnt work with me I give it to her to try and vice versa. I even make my own products and use her as my test dummy. She even buys me hair related products as gifts for special occasions. She's the best! :love:love.gif
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    My mom just doesn't get it. I made the mistake of telling her about the CG routine. Now whenever she sees me she asks me if I'm still not combing my hair - like I'm a naughty child (I'm 38, btw). When I say "no" she then asks, "Well, you are at least washing it now, aren't you?"

    She's worn her hair short since before I was born, and it's thick, coarse, and has just a touch of wave that she likes to complain about. She doesn't get it and she never will, so I try to ignore her because I think my hair looks great. And so does my b/f, who happens to be a curly guy.
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    Gosh, I didn't realize so many women have gone thru what I've gone thru with my mother. When I was about 5, mom had my hair cut very short and it stayed that way for the most part until I was a teenager. I let it grow out (mom was NOT amused)in my teens. After I had kids, I cut it quite short again. Now, at 39, I wear my hair very curly and I"m growing it out. Last time I saw mom, she said, "Oh, you must be going for that natural, wind-blown look." Gee, thanks.
    Blessed be.


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    My mom always had my hair cut very short when I was growing up, but she let my sister keep her very long straight hair, and my mom would often brag about how beautiful my sister was and how perfect her hair and teeth looked. I kept up the habit of cutting my hair very short up until a few years ago. Now I have shoulder lenght hair and have let the natural curl show (CG routine for a few weeks). I've heard the comment "rat's nest" and "you need to get a hair cut" several times over the last few weeks from my mother. My husband loves the curly me! Funny thing is, my mother has the same exact type of hair the I do, but wears it very tightly in a bun. Good grief, when will she quite! I'm 41 years old! I swear, they never give up do they. She acts like I have launched the ultimate rebellion against her!
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    Just been reading this thread for the first time. Isn't it funny how what our mothers think can still affect us even when we're adults?

    My hair is very curly, nobody else in the family has curls, just a few gentle waves. Nobody knew how to take care of it properly, including me. When I was small, it was cut short, later I had it longer and wore a pony tail, but it was just a bush when loose, because of course in those days we were told to brush our hair 100x every night! (Didn't quite manage this, but it was still brushed a lot.)

    Eventually in my 20s I settled on short and curly, and wore it that way for about 25 yrs. I think my mum liked it well enough. However, at the age of 50 I rebelled, and started to grow it. 2 yrs later, it's much longer (though it doesn't look very long because of the shrinkage :( ), and I'm still learning how to take care of it.

    I don't think my mum likes it like this, but she's too polite to say so. The only remark she made since I started growing it was something like, "Oh your hair's really fashionable without even trying now." As this statement didn't contain any remarks saying it looks nice, I assume she thinks it doesn't, and I should cut it all off. I know she likes the colour (blonde) and texture of my hair, as hers is very thin and almost straight, though it waved more when she was younger. She likes short hair on herself (she really admires Judi Dench's short cut), so I think she kind of assumes I should have short hair too now I'm over 50! :?

    Still, if she really doesn't like it, I'm pleased she doesn't actually say so!
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    Yeah my family is having a hard time getting used to the new "curly" me. They are like, "what was wrong with the way you used to wear it? It looked so nice." They don't realize what an agonizing battle I have had fighting humidity, rain and wind to have that "nice hair." Oh well, it is my hair and I am going to wear it the way I want. I'm tired of being obsessed with how my hair looks and avoiding the pool, or outdoors because the humidity might curl my hair! I have curly hair! Thanks for the opportunity to rant. :x I feel better now :)
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    my mom has left the planet about a year ago :cry: but she always envied my hair. she had straight , thin hair and loved my curls. she entered me in a baby beauty contest and at age 2 I won in the category "rough and ready" with my little curls. she never got to see me as a real curlygirl tho, she did not like the long hair that much but liked the layered midlength look. I miss her....
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    I went through something very similar to Kris Kurl: I myself am probably the only person in my family with wild and crazy curls (both parents with slight waves in mostly straight hair), so no one knew how to really take care of my curls.

    Up until about age six, my mother kept my hair as short as she could (and with her growing up on a military base... lol. It was never a krew cut but it definitely was shorter than a bob). The thing was since my hair isn't the same type as my mother's, it would turn into more of a fro than anything :lol: . I remember being mistaken for a boy as well, next to my brother. I started growing my hair in kindergarten which was chopped off again by my mother at about age nine... and I've never let her touch my hair again.

    Luckily, this was a bit of a "push-the-bird-from-the-nest" like action and I quickly began to figure out what worked and what didn't for my new length of curls. (Before that, my mother was The Hair Caretaker.) To this day, she'll interject into my conversations (totally UNRELATED TO HAIR conversations) that I "should get a hair cut." :lol: If anything, my wild hair would get wilder if I did!

    Banjocurl, I'm sorry about your mother :cry: It's lovely that she thought of your curls as beautiful though!
  • KurleeKurlee Posts: 1,354Registered Users
    MY mom has short hair, it is curly like mine. She doesn't like to wear hers long. Never has.
    She DOES like when mine is long though. Doesn't like when I cut it too short.
    She hasn't said that much about the CG routine. She thinks my hair looks nice and it is my business what I do with my hair. She LOVES shampoo and doesn't even use conditioner.

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    My mom loves that I'm not torturing my hair anymore. I haven't seen her since I started the CG thing but I started wearing it wavy before my last trip home and she loves that. And she's happy I'm not dying it anymore as well.
    My mom chopped all mine off just before I turned 9 because I wouldn't take care of it. (It was still straight then) My parents also kept it short when I was really little. My dad loved it short. Pixie short. I kept it short for a long time as well.
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    Cary wrote:
    It seems that moms have a thing against curly hair. I'm 18, and I remember when I got my hair cut at first into the straight hair with a zillion little layers my mom was happy. Its like a phenomenon! Mothers like their daughters to have boring short straight hair...

    Wow...I lost my mom almost a year ago :cry: ,but she had short straight hair..and had been trying to get me to leave my hair curly forever. She always told me how much she liked it natural and never understood why I hated my curls. I wish I had found curly girl while she was here, she woould have loved it. :cry:

    Back on Cones,so now my routine is,wash with Deva No-Poo every other day or so. Occasionally use 365 sulfate free,maybe use low sulfate shampoo mixed with conditioner once every two weeks are longer. I condition with Aussie Moist or HEHH. I style with a little GF TN,and finish up with tons of GN Pure Clean Smoothing Cream. No frizz...slippy, happy hair.
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    My Mom doesn't know anything about the whole Curly Girl thing- I was long gone from home before I discovered it myself, and it hasn't exactly come up in conversation, lol. But she LOVES my curls. And she likes them long, and dark. She never says anything outright bad about my hair. However, when I get a short cut, or when I dye, she will whine about how much she misses the long hair, or how nice my natural color is. Alright already! :roll: I know which way you'd rather I wear my hair, you've only been telling me for over 30 years. :lol:

    Incidentally, her hair is appx shoulder-length, fine, straight and blonde. Basically the polar opposite of mine...
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    My mom likes my curly hair too, but my bf's mom hates hers. I used to straighten mine within an inch of it's life, and she would always throw it in bf's face "Look, Angela straightened her hair, why can't you?" or some other nasty comment to that affect. I haven't seen her mom since going natural, so no telling what she'll say to me!! haha!
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    all the women in my family have curls that they hide and abuse. My mom, thankfully, let me have my curls. I never really wore my hair any other way but curly, but I was still treating it badly- sulfates, silicones and whatnot.

    I started CG in November and started a HUGE trend- everyone's embracing their curls now! I love it!
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    Wow, those are SOME mama stories. I thought I was the only one who found it so hard dealing with my mama and my hair, after all, I'm a 25 year old married woman, what I do with my hair is my business, and I felt weird that the first thing I ever think about when it comes to drastic changes in my hair do was not "what will my husband think?" but rather, "what will my mama think?" It's nice to know that I"m not alone with the mother/hair issues...

    My mother was definitely on the opposite end of the "cutting this mess off till you're old enough to deal with it" scale. But she was DEFINITELY on the "it MUST be straight!!" side, and in the "STAY AWAY FROM THE WATER!!" category.

    I am reminded of an instance in high school when I felt my waist length hair DESPERATELY needed to be cut so that I could better take care of it and look decent before school. I was SO tired of looking like a little girl with pig tails and pony tails. So my older sister, who has similar hair texter (3cish), took me to cut it. A cute little neck length layered cut to accentuate my curls.

    My mother would hardly even look at me or speak to me for like a week.

    And even now, I get frustrated because sometimes I feel she has this twisted hold on me.

    I'm also reminded of the time, fall of last year, when I moved in with her for a few weeks after I had my baby while my husband worked out of town at his new job and looked for an apartment for us. I had been natural and curly (rarely even straightened my hair) for about 2 years. By the time those few short weeks of living under my mother's roof came to a close, i was bobbed and relaxed/burned straight. I don't know what happenned, and what weakened my resolve. I guess I was having postpartum depressive issues, and felt ugly and overwhelmed with my hair and my life daily, and felt that life would be easier with a relaxer. Instead of helping me to feel beautiful and praising me my newfound motherhood and supporting me while i breastfed and diapered my days away, she made sure to tell me every chance I got that I needed to "fix myself up". I don't know, maybe that was her way of telling me that the way to "snap out" of my depression was to look nice. I found it so difficult trying to take care of my baby and my looks at the same time to keep her off of my back that I felt that relaxing would make life easier. She made sure to tell me that I wouldn't "want to wear it curlly ALL the time", but my hair is EXTREMELY stubborn and the only way to get it straight is with a good strong relaxer. So there u go.

    I regretted my decision to relax my hair so much that i got it all chopped off a few months later. I looked like a boy and HATED it. But I do not regret cutting it, because dealing with a rambunctious crawling little one, depression issues AND transitioning hair was too much to handle.

    Even then, despite my husband's (who has been ever so supportive through all of this) stern suggestion not to tell my mother that I was going to cut my hair short because "you know how she is!" I caved one day while he was at work the day before my hair cut and called her to "prepare" her for the next time she would see me with my hair in a 1 inch cut.

    She sounded betrayed and was like "what are u going to DO with it???" I told her I was just going to wear it naturally. She made some comment about how she doesn't really approve of that. I then found some inner courage to tell her blatantly that I was not calling her to ask her if I could, I was only calling her so that she would not be shocked into unconsciencness the next time they came to visit the baby. She said, "Well! Then this conversation was over!" and we ended the phone conversation.

    Since then, she still get's tired of curls, and the fact that I don't straighten, and feels that 'I don't know what to DO with my hair.'

    I'm sorry for the long ramble, but this thread struck so close to home with me that I was moved to respond and add my issues as well.

    It's up to mother's to make their daughters feel beautiful. Somtimes it is difficult for us to feel beautiful with a different "standard" of hair beauty than we were raised with all our lives.
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    Wow, those are some really crazy stories. I am really blessed in that respect. My mom always kept my hair long, but would brush it out while it was still wet, so it would dry essentially straight. She wouldn't let me cut my hair until I was about 12 or so - I didnt really mind that much, but it was brutal when I got lice, as my hair was waist length for a very long time. When I finally did get it cut, it was about shoulder length and layered. I kept it that way until I had to start paying for my own haircuts, and I let it grow. It was almost waist length again when I discovered CG - March of this year - and I took some length off to allow the waves to develop a bit more. Incidentally, I'm thrilled to find I have wavy hair; I've always wanted some sort of texture to my hair. My mom has been supportive to the point of embracing the routine herself - im only a 2a/b, but mom is somewhat curlier. Perhaps that is because hers is quite short - about halfway down her neck - and mine is halfway down my back :D. Lately I've been considering taking off some more length - not sure just yet how much - cause I want to see just how curly it is. Now the daunting task of finding a stylist - especially seeing as I'm a smalltown Canadian girl. :P
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    I just came back yesterday from visiting my Mom. I've been curly now for about 3 months and this is the first she's seen of my curls (I've always straightened my fine 3a BSL hair) The first thing she said to me was not hello but..."What happened to your hair - it looks GodAwful!" :shock: I thought I was having a good hair day - hair was not frizzy - perfectly clumped into nice ringlets and looked pretty nice.

    To make matters worse, she would not go out to eat with me until I "did" something with my hair. She handed me a metal rat tail comb she uses and asked if I wanted to use it. I told her I couldnt use a comb on my hair and walked into the bathroom and pulled my hair back into a ponytail. She wasnt really happy with that either.

    This happening made me have doubts about my hair...perhaps it really looks terrible and I just cant see it. I actually had to go outside and call my Husband on my cellphone before I took my Mom to dinner to beg him to be honest with me about my hair. Fortunately he told me that he liked my hair better curly than straight and he thought my curly hair was beautiful.

    At my age I never thought that my Mother's opinion about my hair would matter so much...but it did affect me and my old insecurites came rushing back. I even had to call my Sister to ask her cause she's always good for an honest opinion. Her view was my hair was fine and that Mom was totally out of line.

    No matter our age, I guess we never totally grow out of being a child when around our parents.
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    Sometimes our family members, especially our parents, get so they have a mental picture of us that doesn't change as time goes by. So if we change something, it's very jarring and they can't deal with it.
  • Gemini13Gemini13 Posts: 5,000Registered Users
    AudioAngel wrote:
    No matter our age, I guess we never totally grow out of being a child when around our parents.

    A lot of that has to do with the fact that many of our parents never grow out of treating us like children. *shakes head* :?
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