Yoo hoo I'm back!

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I used to come to this site years ago and just happened to wander back today! I bounce between curls and straight - taking much care to condition, protect, condition, protect - but am ready to come back to the fold full time :D Was at the salon the other day and the woman in the chair next to me had GREAT curly hair, but was fretting over it. She'd just had it washed and was talking over her woes with the designer. The designer was all about helping her embrace the curl (kudos to her). It was a very youthful look for this woman who was probably about 40. The designer asked if she'd like her to work with the curl and give her some how-to...the woman said "pull it out straight". The designer did as she was asked and the woman instantly looked 5 years older. Just made me think about how I am so careful to preserve my skin from sun damage, why am I not as careful with my hair!
This site has grown so much since I last visited. Can't wait to get back on the curl wagon!
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    We're glad to have you back! Both to the site and to full-time curliness!

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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