modified cg for wavies...

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I was wondering if any wavies use the modified cg pooing method that hwhc (halfwavy/curly)outlined from the book?
Since I prefer to buy my products from the healthstore versus mail order anymore, because it's just easier for me, I haven't found a sulfate free poo that I like yet, so I am going to try the natures gate jojoba poo, it has sls in it, but, I am going to buffer it , like hw/hc explained from the book, co the lower part of hair from ears down, use some poo (1/2 teaspoon that I'm going to water down), rinse, and co.
Wish me luck!
has anyone ever done it? tia
byw, I'm 2a/b
Just co wash didn't work for me.
yogawaves, formerly known as yogagirl


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    Edited due to a cyberstalker. Sorry, guys. :(
  • yogawavesyogawaves Registered Users Posts: 368
    thanks for replying. I've done it once so far, and I liked it. However, the poo was very watered down too,and it was still sudsy and I used tons of conditioner even on the crown to buffer it. . I kinda felt guilty for using regular poo, I guess it's a curly girl thing.
    yogawaves, formerly known as yogagirl

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