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Anyone, heard of this. I had a lady call me the other day and tell me one of my friends gave her my name. So, she broght me the stuff to test out till Monday. Then she will disscuss how much this stuff costs. I know she will try to talk me into to selling it or give out peoples names to call. Why did I get my self into that? Anyway, I can't pass up free trials on skin care. So, anyone else heard of it? I saw you can buy it on Ebay also.


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    I tried it out for a few days. It is nice stuff but, it costs $298.50 for the stuff I used. It had a cleanser, toner, serum, anti-wrinkle serum, day miosterizer and night time moisterizer. It broke out my forhead though. You can find it on the internet. The women wasn't pushey at all. Thank goodness. I couldn't afford it.
    They have a lot of different kinds of stuff that they sell.
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    that's too many different products...

    did the day moisturizer have sunscreen?
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    Yes, it did have a sunscreen. I think it was only an 8spf though. They have foundation and that has a 15spf. It is really expensive though. I think it is like $30.00. Which I won't buy. I am in love with the MAC foundation that I am using. That also has an 15spf!
    It is too many products. It took along time to do all that stuff.
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    Coincidentally, I just read an article on Arbonne in the most recent "Beauty Bulletin" at, the Paula'sChoice website. It sounds as though you had a good saleswoman, but according to the article, some of their sales tactics are rather shady. Some products were reviewed, and they are not bad products, but very overpriced; you can get as good or better for way less money. HTH Mary
    P.S. I would post a link but I don't know how :oops:
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    Thanks for posting that. I did have a good sales women. However, I told her that I couldn't afford it this summer. Lets see when the fall comes how much she will bug me to buy the stuff. It is way over priced. Very expensive stuff. Everything they sell is expensive.
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    My friend sells arbonne cosmetics. I think it is expensive also, but the whole kit lasted her 6 months. She gives me the samples and a sample kit last about a week. It is a good line, but I wouldn't pay that much. She paid 240$ for her kit, because she sells it. They have complete kids on ebay for 159 $.
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    I am an Arbonne Consultant and I still have yet to push anyone into buying the products... Including friends and family. I became a consultant to get the discount for myself because I love the products. I've had a few clients that heard through the word of mouth from those friends and family members I did not push. Not every consultant is pushy!

    Oh and by the way, I don't use the whole $250 kit. I just use the face wash, the toner, and the moisturizer. That's it!
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