Straightening iron has ruined my LIFE!!

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Hi, my name is Rebecca. I am a curly girl in disguise I guess you could say. When I was little my hair was a type 3A to 3B, but I have been straightening my hair with a straightening iron (NO CHEMICAL STRAIGHTENERS) since I was about 16 or 17. I am now 22, so for about 5 or 6 years. If I let my hair dry naturally now (no products, no blow dryers, nothing... just shampoo and conditioner and natural drying) my hair is 2A to 2B. Problem is, the left SIDE of my head is 2B while the right side is 2A. Not pretty. I am TIRED of having to spend HOURS upon HOURS working on my hair only to have it frizz the moment I step into the south Alabama humidity. My husband and I are trying to conceive and I KNOW that when we have a baby, there is NO WAY I will be able to spend the amount of time with my hair that I do now. So I desperately want to go back curly, I'm just trying to get the courage and the right products. Any help or encouragement is GREATLY appreciated!


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    I'd recommend conditioning the heck out of your hair. Sounds like you're torturing it so badly, it doesn't know what to do.

    A lot of people have a variety of hair types on our heads, so don't let that concern you.

    Find a good deep conditioner, a good daily cond and a good styler. You might even use a leave-in conditioner for a while to get your hair back in shape.

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    You are beautiful!
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    What are some REALLY good products that fight the humidity? As I said, I live in South Alabama, so from March to October, the humudity is sooo bad. If I could control my hair I would probably wear it curly more often. I want something that doesn't make my hair crunchy. Thanks!

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