Hola! Como estan ustedes?! im new to this...

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hey people, im Ashley and im seventeen years old. im kind of looking for an alternative to straightening my hair all the time. i love straight hair but its probably time i find ways of wearing my natural texture WITHOUT LOOKING CRAZY! so can you guys help me? :(

im african american and my hair type is like between 3C and 4A - its crazy. When i was younger i had a very mild relaxer and my hair looked very healthy, but i had a couple accidents that left my hair damaged and broken. the first was a chlorine accident i think(i honestly cant remember exactly what happened) i just know it broke off. Then around 6th grade i had a stronger relaxer and because i didnt take care of my hair properly, it broke off gradually. it took about 2 years for the relaxer to grow out; my hair just grows way too slow. its probably only grown maybe an inch and a half in the past 3 years. ive been taking better care of it though - i will NEVER use a relaxer again!! 8) i blowdry/flat iron my hair every two weeks, sometimes once a week. i use like three shampoos and a deep conditioner. my hair hasnt really had a chance to reach its full potential ( im always like - wow i wonder how long it would be if i never messed it up...) I BASICALLY WANT HELP AND ADVICE ON HOW TO GROW MY HAIR OUT AND WEAR IT NATURAL ONCE IN A WHILE. thanks. adios beautiful people!
head full of wild crazy kinks and curls :cool:
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    You are beautiful!

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