Moisturizing Eye Cream Recs?

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I'm looking for a moisturizing eye cream similar to Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Recovery Complex, but a bit less expensive. I tend to have puffiness & dryness around my eyes, so I need something moisturizing - any recs you can give are greatly appreciated! TIA!
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    I haven't used any of the Estee Lauder creams, but I have tried several others. The best thing that I have found - for me - is (now, don't laugh) Bag Balm. :oops: Yes, the stuff in the green can for cow udders. I only use it at night, because it is kind of funny smelling, and I don't think that makeup would go on well over it. But, when I use it my under eye area stays very moist, even the next day, so if I feel that I need something for the day I can use something lighter. I also occasionally use it all over my face if I have dry skin, or if I have pesky little zits that just won't go away. I always keep it around, it is cheap and I use it for lots of different things.
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