Never Underestimate the Power of a Smoothie

SpiritAndCurlsSpiritAndCurls Registered Users Posts: 75
Ice, some low-fat yogurt and a few cuts of your favorite fruit.

I like to put shaved ice and some Blue-Bunny low-fat yogurt, and some banana slices into my blender for breakfast. You can mix it up... try strawberries or blueberries or anything that you take to your fancy.

Absolutely NOTHING fattening about it. It's ice, yogurt, and fruit. There's nothing healthier, and you still feel full as though you've had a full-coarse meal. You can drink as many as you want and you won't gain a pound... in fact, the antioxidants will help with alot of health problems you might have.

Not to mention they're delicious, and fun to make! You'll amaze your friends with them too, when there's really nothing to them!
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  • CurlyRedChicCurlyRedChic Registered Users Posts: 43
    Mmmmm.....I love making smoothies! :)
  • cara4curlscara4curls Registered Users Posts: 336 Curl Neophyte
    "You can drink as many as you want and you won't gain a pound..."

    True, if that's all you're consuming during the course of the day! But if you are ADDING these to a non-dieting food intake, one can easily GAIN weight on these, and smoothies are recommended for people who wish to put on healthy weight, esp. with powered-up ingredients like various protein and high-carb powders and other supplements.
    But a few days of JUST fairly light smoothies will be a great kick-start to a healthy diet, or a smoothie as a replacement for a meal is good for weight control. But yes, smoothies are great - I drink them frequently for breakfast, or for a snack(for this I keep the high-cal ingredients to a minimum), as I don't wish to gain weight.
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  • firelilyfirelily Registered Users Posts: 1,298
    Smoothies are part of my summer weight loss program, although I agree with the above poster, they need to be eaten in moderation, esp. if one is trying to lose weight.

    My recipe for breakfast: 3/4 cup low fat plain yogurt, 1 c. berries, a bunch of ice and 1 tsp. honey. This is a little too thick to blend in my blender, so I add just a touch of orange italian soda. I should probably add juice or maybe carbonated water instead, but I haven't had any in the house. A handful of nuts on the side for a bit more protein and other nutrients is a great addition to this meal.
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  • nepanthenepanthe Registered Users Posts: 292
    I love smoothies!!! :o
  • ElithiaElithia Registered Users Posts: 297
    My lunch was a smoothie today. Mine are pretty basic: I did strawberry today, but usually it's banana. Which involves pretty much 1 banana, 3 tbsp milk, and a half-dozen ice cubes. I just guestimate on the milk, though...I try to do just barely enough to get the blender running, because I prefer it thick.
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