It took me long enough...

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I found this place through the hair board on, and am very happy to have done so. (Many thanks to crimsoncurlzz there)

The first thing I did was run out and buy Curly Girl, and have since spent time reading that and then a bunch of the forums here. It's been an eye-opener, about how badly I've been treating my hair over the years.

I didn't even know until I was twenty that I had curly hair, because my adopted mother taught me as a child to use a paddle brush on my hair when still wet from the shower. I spent my childhood wondering why my hair was never smooth and sleek like the other straight-haired girls, and wound up just assuming I was missing something, and taking care of it wrong. Little did I know...

Looking forward to making my hair what it should be, instead of constant flatironing and wishing it would just go away. :)


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    Glad you are here! Welcome! :)
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    Ladydncing wrote:
    Glad you are here! Welcome! :)


    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • IsolindeIsolinde Posts: 32Registered Users
    Thanks very much for the kind greeting, both of you. :)

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