Trigger Finger Surgery or Steroids

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Who would have thought that there was actually a conditon called Trigger Finger. Based on self diagnosis (e.g. web research) I think that is what I have. I had a ganglion cyst on on ring finger/right hand about 2 years ago. The cyst went away on its own, but now 2 years later I have trigger finger. It sounds funny but it really is annoying and has become painful at times.

Just wondering if anyone out there has had or has this condition and if you chose surgery or a steroid injection and are you happy with the results. Any complications with your surgery or steroid injections?

If you are interested, here is a link about it with a graphics.


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    Someone at work has this. She does not think it is funny at all, I assure you.

    She got it as an indirect RESULT of surgery for carpal tunnel. She had one wrist done, then the other a few months later. During recovery time, she relied on her "good" hand quite heavily (and refused to take the full amount of time off from work recommended by her surgeon). She overstressed her tendons and has a trigger thumb.

    Her doctor said cortisone shot, or surgery if the problem persists. She was leaning toward surgery but I gave her my non-expert medical advice :lol: . Which was that if she has surgery on the thumb, then she'll overuse the OTHER thumb, and need to have surgery on that. It's a never ending circle. She got the shot which has helped with pain.

    In her case, the doctor felt that the problem might resolve itself over time, as she takes stress off the thumb. I don't know if it is possible that your situation will improve with time, or if surgery is necessary. And I'm not a medical professional (just a know-it-all). Cortisone shots can hurt while you're getting the shot, but they do provide pain relief.
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    I've never had it, but when I worked for an ortho, they used to try splinting the finger first, before using steroids or suggesting surgery. It's a painful condition, and patients really feel silly with a tiny little splint on their finger, but apparently it works sometimes. If the splint didn't work, then I'd try a steroid injection. If it's mild, you might also try just non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (Advil, Motrin, etc.) around the clock for a few days. Sometimes that's all you need. You could even try that yourself before you visit a doctor if you don't have a problem with Advil. Surgery would be last resort for me.
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    I work part time for an acupuncturist. I know she has treated for this condition before and had some success with it. You might try alternative medicine first as another option, before resorting to surgery. Just a thought.
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    I get trigger finger every once in a while, but it's exceedingly mild. My dad has it worse, and I'm pretty sure he just splints the finger.

    Thanks for that website! It's a great resource, although it's stirring up my fears that my hands are damaged beyond the point of ever being able to return to massage. :cry: Silly me not taking good enough care of myself when I was younger.

    I'd be really curious to hear what treatment you decide on, and how much it helps!
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    Hi there... Thanks all for your comments and suggestions!!

    Here's an update. On June 19th I went to a "Hand" doctor and had an steroid injection. The injection itself was a bit painful, but not too bad. The steroid was combined with a type of novocaine which made my finger numb for about an hour.

    The best thing I can say about the injection is that it made me aware of how bad my trigger finger was getting and how it was affecting my whole hand (general stiffness and lack of flexibility). After 10 days, the trigger effect is greatly reduced but not eliminated.

    I think that I'll try accupuncture like alim1216 suggested. It's worth a try, but failing that I am going to go for surgery.

    I found a site that shows a new technique and has a shorter recovery time. Here's the site for anyone interested. Although I am not living in NJ anymore, if it saves 4 weeks of recovery it will be worth the trip. (look mid-way on the page).

    RedCatWaves... I did try the splint on my own for 2 weeks. It helped a bit but not much. I really do not like taking alot of pills like Advil, Motrin, etc. since it just masks the problem... at least for me. I agree, for me surgery is the last resort as well.

    Hope this helps.

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