oldies but curlies

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How about a forum for older curlies gray haired or not. It seems like the majority of curlies on the general discussion page are young curlies. Still enjoy the forums. Thanks


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    There are some of us out there. I'm 48 and am new to this group. I'm finding out that there is a GREAT DEAL that I don't know about how to work with my hair! It nice to finally be able to do something besides hate it!!!!
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    I'm with you. I'm 50 something and think us older curlies have different problems with our hair than the younger ones. I am loving my hair and my dear departed Mom would be so thrilled. She hated when I tried to undo my beautiful curls when I was younger.
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    Sorry this is late! How much of yours is gray? Have you found that as it changes color that it changes texture/curl habbit? Mine is about half & half and the texture doesn't seem as course on the gray. Of course, that depends on where on my head you look! :-)
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    I agree. My hair is about half/half too. It use to be alot curlier when I was younger - like Shirley Temple curls. Now it is just mediocure in the curl department but I get alot of comments on it. It has never been course though and has thinned. I love the white on the sides. No one can believe my age.

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