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I have 2 Lush hair care items that just don't work for me.
1. Cynthia Sylvia Stout (Shampoo), was once 100mL, but I've used about 5 to 10%. I can take a photo of it, if you'd like to see exactly how much is gone.
2. Jungle (Conditioner), I can't remember the weight, but it's a 'regular' sized chunk and should be around 100g or so. I'll check tonight and repost the actual weight. It's unused and wrapped from when I bought it in Edmonton last month.

As far as what I want I'm into Jessicurl right now, but I'm open to anything along the natural line (basically nothing with -cones, alcohol or SLS).
PM me I'm open to pretty much anything.
Oh, and BTW I'm swapping because these products just don't work for me, I've had a chunk of Jungle.
Lush user (not for hair anymore), loving Jessicurl, and trying to figure out how to take care of my hair. 2/3a - any tips, please please please PM me!

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