diffusers & stylers HELP!

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I have never used a diffuser and I want to get something to help my hair dry without being frizzy.
I am a 2b with LOTS of long fine hair.
I have lots of waves and some curl, but when dry it is all frizz.

Does anyone have advice on all of the new ionic stylers and diffusers for curly hair? Has anyone tried the Curl Fusion by Conair or the special curly hair diffuser you can buy on this website?

Your thoughts are much appreciated. I know I need good product (I am looking at the reviews on this site and thought the Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam sounds good for my hair), but I figure I need a styling tool too.
PW: waves
frizz prone
long and layered
NEW to going wavy/curly!


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    I do not use ionic stylers or products, so I am afraid I am no help there. In general though I have found difusers to be great at creating more defined waves. My stylist uses the new Deva dryer (the one w/ the hand attachment) and she swears by it.

    If you want more info on products, I would re-post this question on either the General Board or on the Product Review Board (if you haven't already). You may get more replies there.

    HTH and GL! :D
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  • LongNLumpyLongNLumpy Registered Users Posts: 67
    Thanks, your pic looks great!
    PW: waves
    frizz prone
    long and layered
    NEW to going wavy/curly!
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    I went to WalMart and got the only diffuser they had - a Revlon one for $20 - drier and all. LOL! It works great! I think the main thing is HAVE a diffuser. I'm sure the pricier ones are better, but I don't usually diffuse unless I'm really constrained for time.

    If you are getting the frizzies, that is usually a sign that you need a trim or you need some extra moisture. There are a couple before and after pictures in my Fotki of when I did oil treatments and it really helps!

    I use the Pixiecurl methode of diffusing I found on here. You kind of plop with the diffuser. I start at the ends and fold (my hair is long now) my hair up to the scalp with the diffuser. After it's all up, I turn it on and leave it until it's 90% dry. Then I move on to the next section. My beauticain likes to move it around and give me "southern belle" hair, but I prefer the smoother ringlettes to the big hair look. :wink: Maybe it'll work for you too?

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