Greetings from Wales

Paul TownsendPaul Townsend Posts: 56Registered Users
I hope all you curly girls out there won't be embarassed by having a curly boy in your midst. (If so please let me know, I'll drop out quietly.)

I'm a software engineer from Cardiff in South Wales, now the wrong side of 50 but still with a good head of naturally curly hair. See here for a pic of me as a toddler and one slightly more recent.

Ac oes arall yma o Gymru?


  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 10,840Moderators Curl Virtuoso
    Welcome! We're glad to have you and your gender amongst us!

    We have a few men already .... though not a lot.

    I think there are a few other Welshites (?) on the boards -- maybe they'll pop in.

    I've been to Cardiff; does that count? Absolutely lovely country, Wales.

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • asriel11asriel11 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Erm, better late then never. Living in Cardiff, from the South Wales valleys.

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