Curls gone wild & looking for help!

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I am 40+ and have been naturally curly forever. Hated it when I was young but as an adult I love my curls & appreciate the hair I have OR HAD!
About 6 months ago with no major life changes or medication changes my hair went from quite curly but manageable to nut-so crazy, super curly!! Out of control curly, borderline frizzy except that it feels soft to the touch & is not dry.
I had great hair when I was pregnant & can't believe this could be just an age thing. I have zero signs of menopause.
Anyone have any suggestions? My hair is fairly short but am letting it grow a bit to see if length helps.


  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Hormonal changes can definitely affect the amount of curl in our hair.

    Most curlies here find that our hair is more manageable when longer -- close to shoulder length at least -- especially since it can be put up or ponytailed when it's not cooperating!

    Are you using any styling products? They are a must for nearly any curly.

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