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Does anyone know what the differences are in home microdermabrasion creams? They cost maybe $30 to $80 for a little two or three oz. container, but if you look at what's in them, they are almost the same. I've been doing home microdermabrasion for five years now. I love it but was having trouble with the cost. Recently I found a good buy from; microdermabrasioncreams.com. This brand seems to do exactly the same job. I just can't tell the difference. Am I missing something?


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    no cream will do what an actual microdermabrasion treatment will do for you. it's the action of the crystals hitting your skin at a high speed that creates the desired effect.

    as you've noticed, the ingredients used in home systems are almost all the same, so you aren't getting anything special using a more expensive one over a lower-priced brand.
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    If you like home dermabrasion, you can buy the corundum crystals (the same stuff those expensive products use) separately and just mix them with your own regular facial cleanser. I buy them here...only 5 bucks and you get enough to probably do 50 home scrubs:


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