Companies that Do and Dont Animal Test

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Ive always tried to be conscious of this - but I was just shocked and sickened to learn that Loreal and Johnsons & Johnsons test on animals. These prouducts make up some of my "beauty cupboard" and Ive just thrown out around 10 products from them.

Im about to order 2 PETA books (for myself and one for a friend), but can we compile some sort of list that we know of??

I know its too late for some, but we should at least try to help animals so that they dont suffer in future.
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    I heard recently that suave tests on animals
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    I agree that buying products from companies that test on animals is bad. Gekko posted that link on another board last month and it ruined me for some of my favorite products from Lancome, Neutrogena, and others. That said, it does no good to throw away perfectly good products that you already own--the bunnies were blinded in vain. I'm keeping my favorite Neutrogena cleanser and using it up. Then I'll find something new.

    Of course, it's up to you to decide what to do. THis is just my opinion.
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    You girls rock! I printed off the lists from the PETA site (I don't agree with most of what PETA does/is, but I trust these lists). On the DO TEST list, I highlighted things I have now/regularly buy ... I was shocked!! On the DON'T TEST list, I highlighted things I have now/regularly buy and some that I will look into in the future!

    FYI: it's not just rodents and bunnies ... A LOT of labs still test on dogs and cats. Not that it matters which four-legged creature suffers, as I love them all - esp. rats (I have one as a pet, Carl!).

    Unfortunately, certain products (pharmaceuticals and certain chemicals) are required by law to test on animals. However, beauty products have no reason to, so if possible please join me in switching your hair and makeup shelves/cupboards to all animal friendly products!

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