help with Jessicurl products

I know the Jessicurl products are really popular, so I finally ordered RR and [buylink=]CCSS[/buylink], but my couple of experiments with them thus far have not been that great. I've noticed a lot of halo frizz and instead of curl enhancement, some of my curl seems almost loosened, especially on my straighter/wavy parts in the back. I was really hoping for great results! My hair has seemed very soft and shiny, though.

I've been conditioning with Suave green apple condish (my hair LOVES Suave naturals for some reason), and then scrunching in about two puddles of RR and one puddle of [buylink=]CCSS[/buylink] (as per Jess' recommendations on her website). My longest layers are around bra strap length, but my hair is not very thick/voluminous. Maybe I'm not using enough? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I still have high hopes! :-)
This site has released my inner PJ demon... :)

I'm a 2b/3a in a perpetual search for the products that will actually give me a good hair day in this brutal heat and humidity!