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Hi everyone. I have mixed origins (Indian-Belgian) and I have inherited my curls from my Indian mother and grandmother. Not used to handling curls although she loved them, my mom would mostly brush my hair (very painful) and then usually braid it. It was only 21 years later during a visit to the hairdressers in Belgium that I was told 'oh WOW! Rarely have we seen hair so curly'. I don't know about the rarely though cause I seem to be having 3a or 3b type hair, but it's true that in Belgium, I haven't seen many people with curly hair. So usually this is what I do: I usually oil my hair gradually increasing the amount during the week. The day before washing my hair (I wash only once a week), I load it with olive oil and try at times to heat the oil before application. I don't use a brush except while combing my wet hair to detangle it directly after washing. Sometimes I use kerastase products for curls but at the moment I'm using the poo and CO from Marc Anthony strictly curls. I love this website and hope to understand how to get the maximum out of my curls.


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    You'll learn a lot from this website! Nice to have you! :)
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    Glad to have you!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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