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went2redwent2red Registered Users Posts: 17
Alright, I bought CG, and I was ecstatic. I have Botticelli curls, and I switched my conditioner to Tresemme for Browns and Reds. (I color my hair red.) Unfortunately, my hair has gone from this:
To this:

What's going on? I've been leaving the conditioner in, and it makes my hair very shiny and soft, but is it weighing it down too much? Also, I'm having that "greasy" problem everyone's talking about...boooo. :P

Does anyone else use a conditioner that's good at keeping color in AND healthy for curls? I miss mine!!!!


  • vus_cookievus_cookie Registered Users Posts: 12
    im using tresseme too and it seems to be making my hair greasy :( someone suggested to switch to another co cos tresseme's has cones (dimethicone). my hair has become somewhat limp.

    i feel bad cos i bought the 500ml tresseme bottle and it looks like im gonna discard it soon... blehh
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    It takes a good 3-6 weeks before your hair adjusts to the CG routine. The conditioner you're using does have cones, so they will build up. (When I started I also used a Tresseme CO, now I use it to shave my legs!) Many of us use Sauve Naturals or the VO5 COs. Also, when you first start out, you should CO wash every couple of days, gradually decreasing to once a week after 2-3 weeks, if you follow the CG book routine. The other days you can water wash and massage your scalp before using CO to get rid of tangles. You might want to try the brown sugar scrub if your scalp feels gunky. Don't be discouraged, just be patient and in a couple of weeks your hair will look and feel healthier! Your hair is beautiful, by the way.
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    I don't really see botticelli curls in the first pic. The second pic looks like your regular curls just clumping better. I think it looks great, but if you want more curl, maybe you can try a curl enhancing product like [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink]?

    I remember that first yucky feeling stage. I almost gave up, when it finally went away.

    Good luck!
    Lots and lots of fine 3b-ish hair.
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    Love the hair!
  • went2redwent2red Registered Users Posts: 17
    Thanks! :)

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