bottle with food ?

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Those Mommies who are still feeding their munchkins by bottle (formula or breastmilk) Do you give the solid food with the bottle or the bottle first or vice versa..

me, Liam has a 1-2 jars per feeding plus a bottle right after...

What about you ??
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    My kids are a bit bigger (2 and 6), but...

    I always gave a cup of water with their food- it got them used to the cup and they still prefer water as a drink.
    I used to offer solid foods when we were eating, probably midway between nursings, especially at first.
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    For breakfast Lucy has yogurt and a botttle.

    She used to have a bottle right after lunch too, but she stopped taking it. Now I give her water in a sippy cup right after lunch. She drinks a little bit, but I'm doing it more so she learns to use the sippy cup.

    Now she has lunch around 12:30, a bottle around 4:30, dinner at 5:30 and then a bottle before bed.
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    When Audrey was Liam's age, I always gave her a bottle of breastmilk first. Breastmilk/formula should be the primary food the first year, so that is why I used that strategy. And, she still loved her milk at that point and wasn't too into solids. Now at 18 months, she still gets 3 bottles, usually 1-2 hours after a meal, except for her bedtime bottle which is about 3 hours after dinner.
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    curlymel-Sorry that this doesn't have anything to do with the topic...but I love the name Audrey!
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    curlymel wrote:
    Breastmilk/formula should be the primary food the first year, so that is why I used that strategy.

    This is right! I usually breastfeed my son before and after each meal. So I imagine the same rules would apply to a formula fed baby.
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    steven is 8 months. We give him a bottle, and then about an hour later he eats then an hour after that another bottle. He gets a little water in a sippy cup with each meal.

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    When B started on solids, I would give her half her bottle before, feed her the food, and then give her the other half of the bottle after. I didn't want her to be starving when she went to eat food b/c she would just get frustrated and not be able to practice eating - but I wanted her to be hungry enough to want to try to eat it. I would save the other half of the bottle for after to fill up her belly and "wash down" the food. :D
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    I usually breastfeed or give Chas a bottle prior to eating. Sometimes he eats right after and sometimes an 30 minutes to an hour later.
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    After a certain number of months - I believe after 7 or 8, milk (formula or breast) should be PRIMARY and solid food fed as you would dine on dessert as a supplement to the milk. Milk remains primary the first year of life.
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