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So, I just discovered my "inner curl" last summer and found this site not too long ago, and I'm trying to find a good routine to encourage my wavy curls (2c/3a I think) to be curlier and less frizzy.

I know a ton of you guys say diffusing helps your curls a lot, and I was sick and tired of having damp shoulders for two hours while my hair air dried, so my I bought a blow dryer with a diffuser attatchment. When I tried it for the first time, I was lifting from underneath with the whole scrunching motion, and in less than two minutes my still wet hair was already frizzy! It was on cool and the lowest air flow, and I thought I was doing it right :? .

The thing is, it was a cheap 1875 Watt Conair Ionic Styler (I was trying to be thrifty). I'm thinking maybe it just wasn't a good diffuser. It felt like the air was blowing hairs out of place. I am planning on returning it.

What I want to know is what diffusers are you guys using? Especially those of you who rave about how it helps your hair :wink: . I'd love some guidance, reccommendations, or even advice on what NOT to get.

Thanks a ton!! :D
2c/3a I believe... trying to find a good routine : )


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    well i have more 3b hair and i do not like to use a diffuser bc i have to use A LOT of gel inorder to make it look great (which it does when i do it) i put in a cupple handfulls of gel and flip my hair over and use the diffuser and my hands to srunch until it is about 70% dry. then i flip back over and diffuse trying to make the crown look good (its usually sticking up at this point) and then i diffuse until prob about 90% dry. it looks good, very curly....

    good luck!
  • hannahbananahannahbanana Posts: 15Registered Users
    Thanks :D

    What kind/brand of diffuser do you have? I want to get a good one... *fingers crossed*
    2c/3a I believe... trying to find a good routine : )
  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Posts: 170Registered Users
    um, im not sure of the brand i have but i do not think that it is a great one. i think my mom got it a few years ago. it is a bowl diffuser with finger things but i know there is also a sock diffuser thing. here is a site that may help you : http://jessicurl.com/Demo-Videos-p-6.html click on the link that says Making the Most of Your hair dryer
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    I don't actually let the diffuser touch my hair when I'm drying it as I just get too much frizz. I just hold it a couple of inches away and let it dry my hair that way. When it's dry I kind of squeeze my hair to get rid of any crunch and stringiness. I can't do it from wet through either, have to let it dry for quite a while first, an hour or so is usually what I aim for but not being a morning person I often don't get that long!
    My dryer is only a cheapy, nothing special.
    3b in South Australia.
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    I used to never diffuse because I had such a bad diffuser. I just got a new one at Target a couple weeks ago. It's Vidal Sassoon and has tourmaline and ions (which I don't know what that really means). It was under $30 and works really well. The holes in the diffuser are smaller than Conair so your hair doesn't blow around nearly as much. If you do a search you can find out this method where you place the diffuser prongs almost to your scalp and then turn it on. Then you turn it off before moving to the next spot. I keep doing this upside down and right side up for about 10 minutes and then let it air dry the rest. HTH!
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    If you do a search you can find out this method where you place the diffuser prongs almost to your scalp and then turn it on. Then you turn it off before moving to the next spot. I keep doing this upside down and right side up for about 10 minutes and then let it air dry the rest. HTH!

    I use this method as well and I think it helps. Sometimes when I am in hurry I resort to just running it continously and I dont think my hair comes as good.
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    A hot sock diffuser doesn't blow your hair nearly as much as a bowl diffuser - that might help.
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    Thanks guys : )

    I got that Aussie 3 minute conditioner stuff and just used it, yay! I'm also planning on getting a trim and some layers soon, so hopefully some of these things I'm trying will work out well.
    2c/3a I believe... trying to find a good routine : )
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    I have similar hair 2b/3a I think.
    I just got a nice dryer with fingered diffuser and I don't know if it is worth the price.
    I may return it and get one for less.
    I think they are about the same as long as they have the ion technology.
    I haven't really gotten good at this yet though.

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    Okay, I hated that fancy dryer and so I returned it and got a hot sock.
    It is much better and super cheap too.
    But, today I tried this:
    1. product (PM scupting mousse) on soaking wet hair
    2. plop with hubby's big tee - go about morning...
    3. re-plop with only one layer of tee and blow dry through the tee on high (no diffuser other than the tee).
    4. air/sun dry the rest of the way

    Looked pretty good, not frizzy!!
    This is a miracle for me. I have tons of long hair and it takes forever to dry. It seems to always look frizzy and it is soft and pretty shiny today too.

    I need to experiment with other products, but I am not a hair product junkie; skin care... that is another story.
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    I do the pixiecurl method when I diffuse and while I still get more frizz than airdrying, it's not as much as if I move the dryer while it's on.

    I bought a Conair a few months ago and ended up returning it and getting a Revlon dryer because the holes in the diffuser were so huge it was totally counterproductive and just blew my hair everywhere! Frizz city!
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    I just diffused for the first time in many years. Now I remember why I don't do this.

    1. Even after plopping in a tshirt for about 40 minutes, it took nearly 30 minutes of diffusing.

    2. The bowl diffuser kept coming off until I finally broke down and made a gasket for it from electrical tape. Total pita!

    3. Now my hair is very curly indeed, but it is sort of disorganized looking, more like a late 80s perm - not spiral, but that sort of curl you see on women in their mid 40s with overlayered shag hair cuts and perms, and usually bangs, and they wear those high waisted, tapered leg "mom" jeans and a boxy cut, brightly color floral print camp shirt. Blah. Actually, it looks like a man's wig used on the set of a Marie Antoinette movie. Am I giving you enough to get a visual?

    btw, I am in my 40s, so that's not an agist remark, please!

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