Holy Grail products that have withstood the test of time!

It's easy to get excited about a new product and declare it as a HG, only to discover that the product doesn't work very well after a while. There have been posts on this site about this phenomenon. Some people say that hair gets "used" to it, and others say hair builds up with it. Whatever the reason, we wind up disappointed that it wasn't a holy grail product after all. I'm wondering how long people stay faithful to a HG product, and what all of your "time-tested" HG products are. After taking the poll, be sure to leave a post with the name of the product and how long you've been using it! (Oh, and put your hair type) :)
3c fine-textured shoulder-length spirals with layered cut. I Like Pantene relaxed & nat. condish, biolage gelee, and Suave aloe gel. Cutting my own hair these days, and I'm a plopper too!
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