when did your baby start w/cereal?

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DS goes in for a checkup late June, but he'll be 4 months on the 12th. The doctor was going to talk to be about cereal at that appoinment, but I'm wondering if I should let him try it before then. He can take an 8oz bottle (or nurse) and still act hungry.

I know milk/formula should be the main source until 6 months, but could adding a bit of cereal to a bottle (so it's still runny) be okay? Some websites say not to use a bottle but go straight to a thicker cereal fed by spoon.
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    Didn't do cereal. It's not necessary for babies as a "stage" in solids.

    However, if you want him to get more calories then you would be doing the opposite by introducing cereal. Breastmilk and formula both are more calorie dense than anything else you could give baby. The only thing that cereal will do is constipate baby making it seem like he's full longer but it's really clogged pipes LOL.

    Also, you've read right, cereal if done should be thick and spoon fed not in a bottle. If you're going to do it anyway I'd wait longer (after 6 months) and start with a whole grain one (not a rice or highly processed one) but honestly it's really not necessary. In a couple of months you can give him chunks of mushy fruit or softer veggies and he'll do fine.
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    I can't help but wonder why doctors are in a rush to have babies start on cereal. My oldest was 5 months when I started him on solids, but only because he had teeth and expressed an interest. (I consider cereal to be a solid) He's also the only one of my kids that liked oat cereal mixed with bananas.
    My sister started all of her babies on cereal at 4 months old, when her doctor recommended it. Her son is now 4 months old and started cereal last week. He definitely poops less now. He's also a pretty big boy. I have to admit, I also distrust her doctor group due to what I consider to be a bad decision on their part regarding my friend's daughter. My sister uses the same group.
    A doctor I respected once said the sign a child is ready for anything besides breast milk/formula is when the child cuts it's first tooth. My 2nd didn't have any interest in food until she was around 7 months old (first tooth cut at 6 months) and my youngest's first tooth came at 8 months.
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    A doctor I respected once said the sign a child is ready for anything besides breast milk/formula is when the child cuts it's first tooth. My 2nd didn't have any interest in food until she was around 7 months old (first tooth cut at 6 months) and my youngest's first tooth came at 8 months.

    My daughter was almost a year old before she had a tooth. :lol:
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    We skipped cereal too. Started with mashed avocado at around 6 months and went on to various fruits and veggies from there, the meat, and so on. I don't understand the rush either, and from what I understand the cereal, especially rice cereal, is pretty nutritionally worthless.
    As for cutting a tooth at 1, some babies really don't NEED solids before then.

    There are a million reasons why putting cereal in a bottle is a bad idea. For one thing, studies show that it does not help babies sleep longer. For another, the fact that you have to put it in a bottle and can't spoon feed just proves that the child is not ready for cereal. It also interferes with their natural caloric intake control, since they are "calibrated" to take in a certain number of calories per ounce of liquid and adding cereal changes that number.
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    6.5 mos, but she didn't even like it. I threw out the first and last two (oat and rice) almost full boxes of baby cereal that I ever bought. I just went with plain cooked "adult" oatmeal (maybe w/ applesauce and milk) and cheerios when she was a little older.
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    Babies never need cereal. It's empty calories (except for the breastmilk/formula it's mixed with). At 4 months old, I'd just nurse him more often if he still seems hungry.

    I didn't start a few solids with my kids til they were nearly a year old, and even then it was just for practice. They started having regular solid meals well after a year old. I wait til kids show an interest by trying to grab real food from adults or siblings. That usually comes anywhere between 6 and 12 months. There really isn't a rush.
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    We started cereal at 6 months mixed with fruit. If he doesn't want it, we don;t push the issue and just let him have the bottle.

    we never did cereal in the bottle, i just did not see the benifit.

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    We started giving rice cereal at 4 months. My doc said she usually tells parents to wait until 6 months with breastfed babies, but since DS was not sleeping well at night, she would recommend it at 4 months with him. So we started giving him one cereal meal (in addition to his regular nursing) near bedtime. It didn't help him sleep through the night :roll: but once we moved into our new house and he got his own bedroom, he started going 8-10 hours at a stretch at night.

    Connor loves his cereal, and we'll probably start with veggies in the next couple weeks. He's always seemed interested in our food, although he hasn't cut any teeth yet.
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    My doctor's office recommends starting solids at 5 months, but I waited until 6. Lucy was very small and didn't seem to need them so I figured breastmilk was enough.

    Lucy took several weeks to really start eating solids. I tried all sorts of cereal, fruits and veggies hoping she'd like something enough to eat it, but after about 6 weeks she just started eating whatever I gave her. It was like a miracle.

    She has either oatmeal or barley cereal with fruit or veggies every day for lunch.

    If you do decide to give cereal at 4 months, do it with a spoon - never in the bottle.
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    Solids before 6months are a bad idea for many reasons. Cereal before they are eating good solids is a bad idea in my opinion as well. Aurora gets small tastes of grown-up cereals (grape nuts, oat meal) now, at 15 months. Our society, with its rampant obesity and diabetes, could take a good look at how healthier societies feed their young. Empty calories from processed carbs - hmm, sounds like a bad idea for adults and babies.

    Also, pediatricians know jack about nutrition. They get next to no training in it.
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    I started Chas on cereal around 5 months. I didn't give him anything else until he was 6 months. At 6 months I started giving him multi-grain cereal instead of rice cereal. He still eats this for breakfast with fruit.

    As for helping him sleep through the night, didn't make a difference. :(

    If your little one seems satsified with just milk by all means stick with it. There is no need for solids unless they are interested or hungry.

    Chas eats 3 meals a day plus bottles...a friend of mine's little one is almost 8 months and he only eats once a day...everything else is breastmilk.
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    At around 4 months...to help with milk reflux.

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