i am DONE with CG

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i read the CG book and it seemed so good so i though i'd give it a try. i didnt shampoo for 2 weeks and did what the book said. i went to the store yesterday and got GF Sleek and Shine leave in and it had a cone in it but i liked it so i started shampooing again and my hair looks great. here is my NEW routine (only done it for 1 day so lets see what happens :roll: )

1. wash with baby shampoo
2. condition with V05 strawberries and creme or kiwi and lime squeeze conditoner
3. put in a dime size amoung of GF sleek and shine leave in on each side of head
4. flip head over and slowly distribute GF soft curl creme everywhere and then comb with wide tooth comb
5. when drier (10 minutes of air drying or so) spray with spray gel (HE SMU with some water)

my curls look great, bouncy, shiney, and they smell yummy too!


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    Well do whatever works for you. :) But did your curls look bad while you were trying CG? Sometimes it also takes more than 2 weeks for your hair to adjust. I thought you oght to know that some curlies are fine with the A-cone in the GF Sleek and Shine leave in and never get build up.
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  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Registered Users Posts: 170
    my curls didnt look bad nor good. some good days some bad....

    there looking good now with this new routine though!

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