what to use..

so i was in the store today, looking through the millions of hair products.. and i couldn't decide on any.. but i did buy Vo5 moisture milks strawberries and cream for cowash...
i saw LOOB, and was going to get it, but i don't really know what it's for...i just saw that people have used it on here.
my hair is 3a in the back, and 3b in the front.
i don't want to become a product junkie... and i know i eventually will be lol, but can anyone reccomend a conditioner, styling product, and whatever else i'll need?


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    Are you looking to buy in just your local stores (walmart, target, walgreens ect.) salons, or can you purchase products online?

    If you're looking for not too expensive easily accessable products in stores a lot of people here seem to like vo5, suave, or white rain conditioners. I hear alot about garnier fruitis leave-ins which i have personally tried and liked well enough. Before I decided to take the plunge on some more expensive online salon type products I was always a fan of using mousse over gel. I used aussie awesome volume mousse with decent results unless it was humid most of the time and you can sometimes find paul mitchell sculpting foam and Joiwhip in walgreens type stores or trade secrect. Both of those get pretty awesome reviews and Joiwhip is a favorite of mine. For gels in local stores I've seen suggestions on the herbal essence line, i believe they have three different gels so you might have to expiriment to find one that works for you. La looks gel, the blue one, also gets mentioned alot.

    I'd check out some products reviews or read up on some past posts as well. this really helped me at first and I learned (or think i learned) a lot.
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    jomamma wrote:
    i don't want to become a product junkie... and i know i eventually will be lol,

    Ahh .. accepting your fate :wink: :lol:.

    I love the VO5 Strawberries and Cream condish and the Garnier Fructis Curl-n-Shine or Sleek-n-Shine condishes and matching leave-in creams.

    LOOB is worth a try because it's so inexpensive. It's a great curl enhancer and gives great volume. It worked for me a few times, then not so much.

    Unfortunately, it does take becoming a PJ to find what works. But fortunately, there's quite a few inexpensive options that you can check out.
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    What is LOOB? Iam afraid that I just use devacurl stuff and I have some phyto 7 cream as a moisturizer for dry hair. Once thatline worked for me I just stock up. I have bought cases of one c on ebay and whenever people swap it I buysome more just to save. And cosmetic has the cheapest prices. If cheap products in thestores work for you, great. I just spend a little more onwhat works for me. However, I have been going to devachan for years and now I have had enough with the price hikes and am going to Aveda for color and next time for a cut to Beehive as it is cheaper.
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