anyone use a car sharing service? Flexcar? ZipCar?

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I'm moving back into the city from the 'burbs and am considering getting rid of my car altogether. I discovered that Philly has something called Philly Car Share,, which is similar to ZipCar in Boston and Flexcar in Washington, D.C. Does anyone on this board have any experience with these types of services? Has it worked out for you/. Can a shared car really work for someone who won't need to use their car on a rgular basis anymore?

I wouldn't mind not haing a car insurance payment in the city, that's for sure but I'm concerned that the reality might not match the theory.
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    My BIL and SIL live in Boston and only my SIL can use use Zip Car. Neither of them have terrible driving records, but apparently a speeding ticket will stop them from letting you use their cars. My BIL wasn't allowed to get a car but my SIL could because of a speeding ticket. Just something to consider in case your record isn't squeaky clean!
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    Consider what the cost would be compared to renting when you'll actually need it. I have a few friends in Toronto & Vancouver that rent for the weekends that they will use a car and say they have saved a ton over owning.
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    I signed up for CityCarShare here in the SF Bay Area. I have a car of my own, but I wanted to rent a larger vehicle to go IKEA shopping. :wink: Plus I wanted to try out a Honda Element. And, I thought it would be pretty convenient if my car conked out or some other emergency happened.

    I think its pretty cool. I would LOVE to be in the situation where I didn't need a car! I think it would work out great. They give you the little access key fob and you just make a reservation, and pick up the car at whatever spot (usually its parked at a BART (mass transit) parking lot), which is very convenient. I don't see why it couldn't work for you. And, you could drive a different kind of car every time! Hee!
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