Need encouragement - got it cut (replied w/ new pics)

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Okay so a couple of months ago I cut my hair into a shorter layered bob. It looks GREAT straight but a little "cutsie" curly. I need to figure out a way to do the front so it doesn't look so much that way. If I go the way my cowlick naturally goes it gives it that cutsie look, so I'm going to try doing a few curling iron curls in front.

I really want to go back to mainly curly every day. When I style it I'll post some pics & maybe you guys could give me some suggestions??? Thanks!


I DID NOT use the iron in the front today - i'll try that tomorrow
I really think it needs cut "up" more in the back for a more stylish look


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    Well Kim, let me just tell you that you have been one of my hair idols since being here. You cut your own hair, change it's color often and anything you do with it is always adorable. In fact, let me make a couple confessions. You were the one that gave me the courage to cut my own hair. I've done it twice now and it's been better than any of the hack jobs I'd been getting. Confession 2 - I found a deva trained stylist not too far from me, I have an appt. this Saturday with her - I've printed off 3 pictures of YOUR hair to bring with me!!

    If you don't trust your own opinion, go ahead and trust ours! Play with your hair and post those pics - I can't wait :D
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    Although I haven't yet seen pix of your new cut, I'll say that I really like your hair curly. You look great with both straight and curly hair, but I truly think the curls are more flattering, and definitely more unique. :D
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    Your hair is adorable!!!! What I wouldn't give for that precious cowlick in the front!
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    Okay so I went in today to have the back "cut up" more! It was a total spur of the moment decision since I didn't have the kids w/ me all day - I figured why not! Here's the pics!

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    I love it
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    It looks really good! I love the cut! What products are you using?
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    Fabulous cut! I second the ? on products.
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    Love, love, love the cut!!! It's so flattering! :D
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    To answer the product ?'s - All Jessicurl! HCC, [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink] & R.R. (a little suave max hold hairspray diffused in at the end to give it more finish.
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    love it! no suggestions, it looks great :)
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    It looks great! :)
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    Your cut is similar to my length right now. I love it!

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    It's beautiful!! (as usual :) )
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    Way nice, I like the way it's cut in the back now!
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    It looks Great!!!
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    It looks great!!! but anything you do looks great!!! The color is great too. What color is that?
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    Thanks guys - I'm liking the cut to.

    Kewee - this is "nice & easy" medium spicy brown (has a hint of red in it). :) It's a little dark but always fades quickly.
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    Looks great, and not at all cutesy in my opinion (either before or after). Wish my hair had that much curl at a short length.
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    I think it looks terrific! Very stylish and sophisticated - not cutesy at all.

    Does the Suave hairspray you use have any cones?
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    love the back. Tempts me to go shorter.
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    I agree with all the others- your hair looks fabulous! What did you tell the stylist so that she cut it that way in the back? I never have any luck getting my thoughts across to stylists.
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    You have great hair! I like the cut and it looks really healthy too. :D
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