Middlemarch by George Eliot

curlytennisgalcurlytennisgal Registered Users Posts: 2
I have selected this book as a likely candidate for my research paper.

Has anyone read this or can anyone suggest a good book written by a british author in which a good research paper may be written from. Thanks!
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  • MagpieMagpie Registered Users Posts: 39
    In high school, as a graduation requirement, we had to do a research project on a less well-known author which included reading numerous works and analyzing the writing. I picked George Eliot off of a list knowing nothing about her (at the time I thought she was a man :lol: ) and I totally regretted it. That was almost 7 years ago, and I still would not go near any of her books again. I love to read, but it was too much...the basic storylines were good, but too many words, too much extraneous information, I couldn't take it.

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