shrinking and converting dry hair

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My hair is type 3c/4a (parts of 3b) when wet, however when it dries it converts to a 4a (parts of 3c) and it loses all of its curl definition. How can I keep it the way it is when wet? It also becomes very dry. I've tired Garnier Fructis Curl Creme and that doesn't seem to work. Thanks.


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    From what you've posted, it seems like your hair needs more moisture. No matter the type of curl, if your hair is moisturized it will remain that way and retain its shape when wet, except it will have some shrinkage. Also, don't mess with your hair when it dries or after it is dried. This only causes frizz and lack of definition. I would get suggestion of products from people with similar hair type. It seems like you definitely need to leave a little bit of conditioner along with styling product in your hair as it dries. Also, maybe twisting the damp frizzy pieces into curls will probably help.
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    Check out some hair journals, see what folks whose hair you like are using and how they use it. That's what I did. Also shrinkage IMO is the price of admission for a curly; it's what makes a curl a good curl. After my hair dries I can get an inch back by lightly stretching and fluffing.

    ITA about the moisture. When wet my hair is 3c (3b in some places) . Without the weight of the water it dries to mostly 4a, but still retains definition and texture. Strangely enough I have better texture and definition now than when I was relaxed to a 3c and colored/highlighted. It's less due to the stylers I use and more due to the type of conditioning I do (a lot!). I use conditoners to cleanse and detangle my hair. I use deep treatments. I use product with ingredients that can be washed out easily with conditioner or a non-sulfate shampoo, so I'm not stripping moisture from hair when shampooing it.

    I'm not a GF fan because of the fragrance, but if you like the line, try using the GF Smooth & Shine or Curl & Shine conditioner as a frequent conditioner and a leave-in and see if that improves things.
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