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i am going on a trip to chicago, i have never been out of the "south" climate, humidity range....will the weather in chicago around the end of october first of november, affect my hair? will it make it "limp" or flat or will it "kink" it up? does anyone know...thanks for the help...if anyone knows....oh....sorry...hello everyone....tee


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    Hi tee, and welcome! Just thought you'd want to'll get TONS more feedback if you post this on the hair board (the first one). It's MUCH higher traffic.
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    Hi, Tee; welcome to!
    CurlyGurly is right; please post on the General Discussion about Curly Hair board; you'll get a lot of chatter there!
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    thank you, but i'm stillnew, so how do i post it to the place where yall said it would do better....i'm new to computers too, so i need the small words, to make it easier to understand...hahah....thank you for the reply....just kind of "point" me the way to go or tell me how to do it all that business....thanks alot...take care...tee
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    Tee: If you go all the way to the bottom of this page, you will see a box that says "hop to". Click on the arrow beside it and scroll up or down till you see "general discussion about curly hair" or something like that. Then click on it to highlight it and click "go". You might also want to check out the non-hair discussion board. I would suggest that once you get to the general hair board, look for a topic called "How to search, etc" and you'll find lots of good information on how to figure out everything. Hope I helped! smile.gif
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    Thanks, Peppy, for helping out!
    Let us know if you have trouble, Tee.

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