how can i keep my hair from getting curly again??

lockenheadlockenhead Registered Users Posts: 16
everytime i straighten my hair it is straight for maybe 10 minutes but then it starts getting a little bit frizzy and my hair gets "big" the last time i straightened my hair i had to brush my hair every 10 minutes so it will look straight so i started using oil and hair wax to keep it straight but it doent really work the way i want it to :(maybe someone has a similar problem or even the same and can give me advice :)


  • keikokkeikok Banned Banned Users Posts: 585
    Avoid brushing your hair after straightening it. Straighten it as best as you can, and if its frizzy just wait...dont touch it, dont go outside, just sit and wait for like 15 minutes. The frizz should die down and it wont look as big

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