I'm a newbie!

Hello, all!

I'm a brand newbie to the forums ... and I have a bunch of questions!! I'll start with my first dilemma though.

I've read through the descriptions of types, but I guess I'm still a bit confused.

Here's my hair: thick, definitely curly (definitely type 3). It is quite damaged- frizzy, dry, curls are not that well-defined. Curls are not extremely shiny, unless I use shine-enhancing products. The circumference of my curls ranges from being equal to my index finger (oh how I love twirling my ringlets with my finger!), to larger- my curls are never corkscrew or any tighter than my finger.

What do you CGs think? Am I a 3a/b? That's what I am figuring ...

Thanks in advance for your help! :D

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    ..some pics would help! :)
    one day at a time..