Rough Hairdresser=permanent hair damage?

Thrill_GirlThrill_Girl Registered Users Posts: 3
Hi all i am new to this board!

well yesterday i got my hair cut Dry for the First time ( i have fine wavy/curly hair but lots of it)

the hairstylist ( who was SUPER NICE!) washed my hair and scrunched it dry she kinda was rough and ended up pulling my hair HARD everytime she scrunched it, not enough to pull it out though

( i don't know if she knew or not..i should have told her but i am timid and didn't want to come off rude :( ) but wow did it HURT ( and i have a high pain tolerance) :shock:

and while she was washing my hair did a very firm wash that kinda hurt also

my question is : my friend said that if a hairstylist is too rough and pulls your hair that is could cause permanent damage to the follicle? and that it could cause thinning or hair to fall out and never grow back? is this true?

does repeated pulling of hair ( not pulling it completely out but just pulling) cause hair follicle damage?

i love the cut she did on my hair, but i don't want to go back if it is going to damage my hair in the long run. :(


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