Am I the only one who can't get Biosilk R Hard Gelee to work

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I tried it yesterday after having hair in towel for 3 min. It's so thick that it was hard to spread through hair since it was somewhat dry. I tried it today right out of the shower, then put in towel, and my hair looks horrendous. I used it with ISO bouncy. I've been using Biolage Gelee for years with excellent results, but this stuff just doesn't seem to work for me :-(

Any advice?


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    How much are you using, and what are you using it with? It's very concentrated so you only need a little. When my hair was BSL I only needed three dime-sized blobs.

    Also, if you're sensitive to proteins that could be the issue as well.
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    No, you are not. I couldn't either. It did nothing for me. I got some crunch but that was it. I have a bottle of it under the sink that is just collecting dust because I can't use it. :?
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    It's like spreading cement and then my hair is like plastic and I cant' get it scrunched out all the way.
    I'm sure there is a trick to it but I just went back to other gels.

    I used to use the old formula Biolage Gelee, I miss it. That gave me clumpy shiny hair with enough hold without plastic hair.
    Are you using the old or new formula boilage? My advice is go back to boilage :D

    Barring that it does help to use a good leave in, put BRHG in sopping wet hair and diffuse. Don't use very much either, be very very careful. Oh and you can cut down on some of the spreading cement action by mixing your leave in with the gel in your hand then applying it.
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    I don't use it on a regular basis, but when the humidity is so thick you can almost cut it, I pull out the BRHG! I only use a little bit and usually mix it in my palm with some aloe very gel or even the biolage gelee (which I also love). That way, it goes farther with a little less crunch!
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    I only use it for hold on top of another gel and only use a dab - less than a dime-size for my below shoulder-length hair and even then it's crunchy, but I can usually scrunch it all out.
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    I just returned this today- no matter how little I used, it was still too hard and I got stringy curls with it, no matter which leave in I tried.
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    Thanks everyone. I've been using Phyto Organic Theratin Shampoo followed by a/g Fastfood as a leave-in. I then used the BHRG in both sopping wet hair, and twel dried. I then added ISO Bouncy cream. Maybe I will try as one of you suggested and mix it with the Biolage Gelee. I used both the old and new versions of this, and actually liked the updated version better than the old. I will also try cutting down on the BRHG as well.

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having problems with this. And LOL at your descriptions of it being like cement :-)
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    I can get BRHG to work (actually I've used it off and on for years), but I've never been fond of the 'feel' of my hair afterwards. It always feels a bit coated and if I'm not extremely careful how I apply it, I end up with white flakes around my hair line (and especially on my neck area).

    I personally like using CHS CK or PM Super Sculpt for my gel du jour. They both dry crunchy on me (like BRHG) so I get great frizz control that I can scrunch out, but neither of them flake or leave my hair feeling weighty/weird.

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    I couldn't get it to work either. I just got a lot of crunch but it did nothing for my hair other wise. ~~jax
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    I've never used this gel in particular, but I do have a gel I love using thats very strong hold. In winter I'll put a cream under it and that stops it drying too hard. But now I can't use cream in this heat, so I mix the gel in my hand with a much lighter hold gel (I've been using ArcAngell) and it dries great! It has the frizz-fighting of the strong hold gel but not the shrinkage or crunchiness.

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    OK, so I tried mixing the BRHG with the Biolage Gelee, and had great results. I got the best hair day I've had in a while. I also added a bit of the [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink] as well, and my hair was super curly, and cute when I scrunched it out. Thanks for suggesting that I do that :)
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    I have tried this gel MANY times and always have gotten horrible results. Unlike many people, on my hair this stuff gives me ZERO crunch. It makes my hair a soft, fluffy, undefined mess! My hair must be strange.
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