Chris Bohjalian - Double Bind

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I am a Bohjalian fan and just finished reading his latest - Double Bind. As an author he never lets me down and this was no exception.
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    I read it back in June. I liked it too. I like his style of writing. I was getting the sense that the "patient" was Lauren rather than the homeless man, but I did NOT anticipate the ending that came. I read "Midwives" 5 yrs ago and read "Buffalo Soldier" last month. I definitely want to read "Trans-Sister Radio" and "Water Witches" at some point (after I get through my queue of current books).

    Interestingly enough, I was at the very end of my pregnancy with my second child AND had a midwife when I was reading "Midwives". It didn't scare me in the least (I am a nurse too). Having a Midwife deliver my son was the best decision I ever made (I switched from my OB to a Midwife at 36 wks gestation).

    I think "Double Bind" is the best of these 3 books I mentioned. :read2:
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