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Have any of you ladies used Kerastase Products? Today a Hairdresser recommended to try the Elasto-Curl Leave in for thick curly hair. I bought it and tried it on two patches of hair using 2 different techniques.

1 piece I damped the hair and just smooth the cream on. After it dried it was soft but kinda frizzy.

The 2nd piece I also damped the hair smoothed the cream on and then twisted the hair around my finger. That turn out really nice after it dried it gave some bouncy ringlets.
I still have to try it on all my hair but i'm guessing that I will have to use a gel with it in order to give the hair some weight.

Also has anyone used Sebastian Laminates Conditioner & Potion 9? That is what I use almost daily.

This is my routine:

1st I wash & condition with Laminates
2nd I Part hair in 4 sections and put Potion 9
3rd Put IC Fantasia Polisher
4th Last step IC Fantasia Gel (pink)

This works but my second day hair is kinda dry.

Hope to get some feedback.


BTW I think I'm a 3c but I have noticed some pics of the girls that are 3c's and the texture is i bit finer than mines.

Check out the pics on Fotki and let me know.


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    I've read a magazine article where Vanessa Williams stated that she uses Keratase Products. Tracee Ross also stated in an article that she uses Keratase, in addition to Mixed Chicks (Mixed Girls was her actual statement). I think it was some kind of Orange/Oleo or something like that.

    Your hair is lovely. What color is it? It looks great on you!

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