Need some help with relearning how to wear my 3A/B hair !

Hi there !

I used to LOVE this board and visit all the time but for the past few years I've been wearing my hair wavy in a victoria's secret-esque way but need some new ideas.

Normally I dry my hair and use a shine serum and a big curling iron to straighten it out a bit. BUT now this summer i'm going away to work as a camp counselor and won't be able to straighten my hair because we can't use curling irons or flat irons. So basically I need a new routine and I'm LOST !! I have color treated 3A/B hair that I would like to look a little less curly. I want products with hold, but softness if that's possible. I don't want to do the whole 'no-poo' thing because it doesnt really work for me but I don't mind cones in my products at all.

Any advice on how to pull some of the curl out of my hair, or any tips on what products to use, how to dry, etc, would be GREAT !!

Thanks SO much :)
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    When I want less curls, I comb/brush my hair. I have 3b hair too. Can you wash your hair at night at camp? If so, maybe you can braid it into one braid, so that it is less curly and more wavy when you take it out.

    Before I knew I had curly hair, I would wash my hair and when it was dry I would brush it with some oil and braid it and then brush it again in the morning. I got my hair pretty straight this way, although nothing like what you would achieve with heat.
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