Sunburned Scalp!

I got my scalp sunburned last weekend - not all of it, just the part. :oops: It's now peeling and looking like I've got some mean dandruff. What would be the best course of action to slough away most of the peeling skin?

Also, what can I use on my scalp for sun protection so this doesn't happen again?


  • 2happy2happy Posts: 5,138Registered Users
    I can help with the 'prevention' part of the question. Get a Sport Block sunblock. I don't know the brand of mine, but it's a blue spray bottle and it doesn't run or get really greasy. I spray it on my palm, then rub my fingertips in it and apply to scalp. Good luck!
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    I hate when that happens. I usually remember to put sunscreen on my part, but not always. Maybe you could try a brown sugar scrub for the flaking. I've also made a scrub with this other kind of sugar with larger grains, called demerara sugar. You could also change our part for a few days.
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    I could, but my hair naturally parts in the middle. It sticks up funny when I attempt to part it anywhere else.