lumpy frumpy breastpad solution

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I breastfeed and have to wear breastpads in between feedings. I loathe the disposable ones, all of them, I think they feel like scrubby pads or itchy plastic, so I use cloth ones which are much more comfy. But they show through my bra and shirt and look icky.

Well...I discovered a solution for this look. My daughter needed a strapless bra, so I bought her one at WalMart. It is a bandeau and it came with 1/8" thick foam pads that are not flat, but slightly rounded (not anywhere close to Madonna cones :lol: ) She hated them and took them out, so I spotted them and AHA! I put them in between my cloth breast pads and my nursing bra and I am now presenting a smooth front 8)


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    lol at your solution!! Have you tried Lily Padz? They are reusable silicone pads. I wore mine when I was wearing something where I couldn't wear a bra but I know some women who wore them full time with no problems. I think I leaked too much to get a good seal.

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    I love your solution, too! For anyone else reading this (who doesn't have a spare pair of bra pads on hand :wink: ) ITA with the Lilypadz. I didn't start wearing them until she was 8-9 months old, so I'm not sure how well they would have stuck early on. But, thanks to nursing, I now have perma-nips :shock: so the lilypadz are great under thin bras or tanks.
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