Key to Bouncy/Swingy/Shaky Hair?

FuzzbusterFuzzbuster Posts: 100Registered Users
What is your key to achieve life to curly 3c/4a hair, once length is achieved? I'm sure its different for most.

A certain styling-product, conditioner, poo/no poo, comb, brush, finger comb, application process, air-dry, certain cut, etc? Anybody notice at what point their hair came to life?

I've even seen some 4-6 inch curlies on TV w/life in their hair ....


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    For me the key is to shampoo every 2 weeks or so. I did CG for a while and unfortunately my hair needs some heavy products to prevent frizz and help with better curl formation.

    I didn't realize how much buildup I had on my hair until I went to the salon and they shampooed me.

    I use diluted CON shampoo and it works just fine. Also I have very thick hair and as it gets longer, it has more movement.
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    Bouncy/swingy/shaky -- my hair is light weight and fluffy so it's hard to be any of those things. I can run my hand up it and it will fall back into place. The wind will blow it back and it will fall back. But by no means does it swing or shake :lol: You won't see me in a Garnier commercial anytime too soon.

    ITA with the other reply, keeping it clean helps a lot. Build-up means stiffness. A good cut also helps
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    my twist-outs are bouncy and swingy. i think it probably has to do with the hair being in uniform curls and with the curls having a little weight, but not too much weight to make them heavy. i use jajoba oil and shea butter to twist; they are light-weight and not sticky. i have yet to have bouncy, swingy hair that isn't a twist out though :) my hair isn't as long as i want it to be yet, so i don't know if lenght is a factor. right now, it's between 8 and 8.5 in the back and everything from 6 (bangs) to 7.5 in the front and sides. unless it twist it, it doesn't swing/bounce/shake, but it will fro/kink/curl/frizz/shrink :)
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    dont overload it with products to "control" it
  • FuzzbusterFuzzbuster Posts: 100Registered Users
    Thanks so much ladies! That was all helpful information that I will apply.
  • CuteCoilsCuteCoils Posts: 118Registered Users
    Shampoo after every 3-4 Co-Washes (Aubrey Organics S&C)
    Weekly Deep Treatments
    Hair Milk or RJML Cactus leave-in (original)

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    tcb naturals light conditioner and water. Then finger style your hair
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