I GIVE UP: I need more help than I thought!?!?!?!

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Maybe I am going about this curly thing all wrong... But I really think I need a professional.. I have come to the conclusion that my hair maybe more damage beyond repair.. and need some type of hair doctor to look at it to see what the problem really is... My hair is really really soft and fine.. and don't know what my curlies are going to REALLY look like since I have flat ironed my hair so much it is permanently straight in some places.. I live in Chicago.. does anyone know of a person that can REPAIR curlies to be something beautiful again.. I am giving myself 2 years before maybe I think I am going to have to give this whole curly thing up....


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    Hi! My hair is also permanently straight in some places because of hot comb use. Toosweet I believe gave me great advice. She told me to get my hair cut 1 1/2 inces every three months until the straight pieces are removed and do lots of deep treatments. Just keep babying your hair. Repairing damaged hair is not easy and will take a lot of time. Don't give up just yet. Going to a beautician or even better a dermatologist may help though. Someone mentioned, I can't remember who, that the bion reconstructer is good at repairing damaged. I haven't tried it, but they sale packs of them for about 1 dollar at Sally's if you're hesitant about buying the big bottle of it. I'm pretty much going through the same journey you are right now because of heat damage. If I find something that works I'll be sure to let you know!
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    That's the thing.. I don't know where to start. I don't even know if it is really damaged at all.. I know something isn't right though. I wish I could find someone with my texture because I would love to see what my curls would look like.. I still don't know what my texture is... even after looking at the chart of 2,3,4... abc.. I think I am in the 3's but then again.. need someone to tell me for sure...
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    Just make a post asking people what hair texture you are with a picture. Here's a pic of my hair texture if that helps. Most people say that I'm a 3b, but I believe my hair to be a mix of 3b and 3c. Your best bet to decided whether your hair is damaged or not is to get the opinions from some professionals or curlies on here. The curlies here are more than helpful!


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