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Does anyone else use this? I've actually been using the generic brand (my drugstore never has the regular!) but it seems to work just as well...I went 20 years with having perfect skin (my friends were always complaining that it wasn't fair when they went through their teenage acne periods and I didn't), but the past couple of years, I've been breaking out so much Tried EVERYTHING and was all set to go to a dermatologist, but I started using Cetaphil and then toning with Witch Hazel and my face is SO SO CLEAR!

I'm due for my period tomorrow, so I should be breaking out, but I'm not!

Just my two cents...I highly recommend this stuff!!!


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    I use cetaphil too and love it. I'm not sure what, if any, difference it has made in terms of breakouts, but it is so gentle and doesn't bother my sensitive skin at all.

    Many people say that it feels like there is a film left behind or something. I'm not sure if they are using it with water or not, but I always use it with water and don't have this problem at all.

    Again, it's great for sensitive skin!
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    Best stuff I have ever used. I switched around for a while and my skin went crazy. Cetaphil is a must have - the ultimate holy grail!!
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    I like Cetaphil. I always use it with water unless I am using it as a light moisturizer, in which case I put it on dry skin and wipe off the excess.
    2/3 mix, just below shoulders, fine
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